Christmas Box

Samaritan's purse



Each year PPUC gets involved in Operation Christmas Box and packs and sends many shoeboxes full of surprises – Christmas gifts for children in developing countries; simple, yet powerful messages of God’s unconditional love. In the last few years (2014-2016) PPUC has sent over 100 boxes per year.

Operation Christmas Box has had amazing results over the years and many have testified regarding its impact both on domestic churches (who collect boxes) as well as overseas churches and communities where the boxes are distributed to children in need. The shoeboxes help churches to build relationships and establish connections in new communities.
As each shoebox gift is hand-delivered to a child in need, it is treasured by the child that receives it, and is a lasting reminder that he or she is precious to God.

Through Operation Christmas Child, churches are also empowered to identify and meet basic needs in the communities such as the need for education, safe water and sanitation.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Operation Christmas child, see Suzanne Driver or click here